My Journey Begins

Life is crazy. I was a part-time hairstylist and happened to do a trade with a Nicole Orman (a women who does intuitive psychic readings), and little did I know, this encounter would DRASTICALLY changed my perspective, and (not surprisingly) everything else in my life began to shift.

During the reading, Nicole “cut my cords” releasing me from the attachments and connections what no longer served my growth and evolution. From there, a flood of people awakening to their power/intuitive gifts started popping into my life; from my massage therapist and her mother who does readings, to Nicole’s assistant Katie, to my newest friend, Amanda Flaker.

Each person came info my life at the perfect time and I realize this wasn’t a coincidence. The Universe intended our connection — (or rather, I asked for it).

Once I met Amanda everything started to click. I saw a new vision for my life and a deep knowing that I am suppose to act on my excitement, and follow/hone my intuition. Together, we’re embarking on a journey of transformation, which I’m planning to share here.

And my first intuition is this: share my journey with the world.

So here I am, writing my first blog, not knowing what will happen, but simply trusting I am where I need to be right now. Today is the first step into my new-found “life”.

But what is life? What’s its purpose? What’s the meaning?

As i come in-tune with my inner self, these questions (wonders) that Ive always had become more clear. Life is different for everyone. Everyone’s purpose is different and the way we feel and express emotions is unique and individual.

Today I start a class with my dear friend and mentor Nicole Oman. I have a very strong intuition (gut feeling), about this class and where it’s going to take me. I can feel I am about to make a huge shift in my life. I’m riding the brink of transformation. And I feel this class is going to help me rediscover my true passions and desire for this life.

My children play a role in this transition. Both of them have unique gifts and are the constant symbols of the essence of my heart. My son Kade, was born blind and autistic.

Today I connected with an acupuncturist who told me her best friend’s son was going blind. I wondered how many other mothers need to know there not alone, that it’s okay to feel a variety of complex and confusing emotions when it comes to raising/supporting a child whose experience of the world seems so different than our own. As she shared with me her worries and concern for this young boy who is losing his eyesight, I saw a vision of my son holding her son’s hand and taking all the fear away from him. It was a powerful message:

My son Kade, is going to be a healer.

He’s already healing me. And as I continue to allow my inner callings of my heart to mold and shift my perspective, I will be here, sharing my journey…just in case there’s anyone out there who needs to hear it.

2 thoughts on “My Journey Begins”

  1. What a beautiful journey you’re embarking on. My latest post highlights the strong energies were in and that our lives will be different from you had (if you welcome it). Great to know you’re following your heart!

    1. Thank you for following me. This is a huge step to be so publicly about it, but it’s something I must share with the world. I hope to help others in the process. Thank you for your wonderful posts. I enjoy reading them,

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