Set Intentions for the Day

I set my intentions for today to love. Give love and receive love. This morning as I was finishing my morning workout I got a text from my client asking how much for her and her mothers hair service. I told her the total price and then she questioned the price. Why so much? It was in that moment that I had to stand up for my self worth. I had to remind myself what my time is worth and I had to communicate that back to her. In that moment I gave love to myself. It was very hard for me to explain to her that I have to raise my prices slight in order to live and keep up with product cost inflation, but thankfully she understood, however she decided not to go with one of the services. Now in that moment I felt guilt. I just lost out on more money because I stood up for myself. A few minutes later I got a text asking if she could get me a starbucks, her treat, before she came. In that moment, again, she was showing me love, by a small gesture like buying me a coffee. Lesson learned for today is, you HAVE to stick up for your own self worth and you have to love yourself and even though the outcome may seem shitty the love comes back around somehow. I was able to love myself, be honest with another person, and receive love back. My negative thoughts quickly turned into positive ones. To love is a beautiful thing!

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