Emotional Struggles of a Single Mother

As I embarked on a wonderful weekend in Utah, which is the beginning of my new found journey, I came across an overwhelming sense of emotions leaving my children, so I thought I would share. Being a single mother of two children, one of which is blind and autistic, the demands of motherhood is high. My son who is disabled, I have 24/7. “Breaks” for me don’t exist. For once I had an actual break and time to myself without the responsibilities of being a parent or being away for work. I started to feel guilt and other emotions. Then I started asking myself, why am I feeling this way? Why am I being so emotional that I have this time to myself? It was that moment I had to realize, emotions aside, I DO deserve a break. I am worthy and I am a good mother. To be able to have a small break with no responsibilities besides yourself, is a special moment and I need to cherish that moment in time. I know I do the best I can every day for my children and now that I get to experience a small break it’s okay to be emotional, but I had to remind myself I DO deserve this. I realized being alone for the weekend how much you can expand within yourself and become a better person, a better mother, a better friend. I know there are many mother’s out there who can relate. I want to let every one of you know that you all deserve a break for YOU. Especially single mother’s of disabled children. We can relate on a whole other level than just motherhood. The obstacles we face each day, most parents don’t even think about. So please if your out there reading this, know you are doing a great job. You were given your little angle for a reason. You are worthy and you do deserve a break for YOU. You all do! So don’t let anything stand in your way for a small amount of time for you. I used to ask and ask for help, for someone to just watch my son for a weekend so I could go on a hike or go to a movie by myself, but the answers were always no or some other excuse. Having this weekend to myself I realized I am going to do whatever it is to make sure to take care of myself so I have a small time for ME. In the end it will make me a better mother. So if your alone and people tell you no they can’t help, keep looking don’t give up. I learned there are plenty of people out there full of love who will help, it’s just finding them and they will come. Put the good intention out there of finding help so you can get a small break and it will come. Don’t give up. To all mom’s out there, take time for YOU. Go do something for YOU, spend time with yourself only, find out what you truly need. Maybe you don’t need anything, but you can reflect back on what your grateful for. You will be so surprised how much you can find out about yourself in that small amount of alone time. If there are any mother’s out there who would like to talk more in depth about being a single parent or being a single parent with a disabled child, please reach out, comment, I would love to connect and share support. Remember, you are special and you are all wonderful, cherish your time for you.

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