Witnessing your child grieve.

I got my daughter back from her dad and I was informed that she has accidentally killed her guinea pig, Cookie. She tripped and fell and Cookie had flew out of her hands and died. The heart break my daughter was expressing is so shattering. As a mom, I just want to take that pain away for her. She was beside herself and is holding a sense of guilt. In this moment I am for the first time as a mother having to learn to comfort my daughter in a time of complete sorrow. It’s painful for me. She looked at me and said, “mommy I don’t want to have to think about it anymore, I wish I didn’t have to think about it.” I told her, “I know sweetie, but it’s okay to think about it and to be sad. It’s okay to cry and grieve.” Then she said “mommy, don’t you wish some days you can take it back and wake up and start the day over?” My heart broke into two. I told her, “yes baby that happens a lot.” All I could do is hold her and let her cry. No words were going to make the pain go away. It’s so frustrating as a parent not to be able to take that pain away from your child. You just have to let them be in the moment and hold a loving space for them. That is what I did. I held a space of love and reassured her it’s okay to feel the emotions she’s feeling. It’s crazy how each day as a parent you never know what is going to come up and what kind of lessons they will teach you.

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  1. Not easy seeing your child grieve and question. Thanks for sharing something we’ve all too familiar with.

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