Letting Go

Trusting your gut feeling. Letting go. This is the second time I have had to trust my gut feeling with letting a job go. I think in my head I have it all figured out, then I realize I stretch myself too thin and I’m focusing time and energy into things that I truly don’t want to be doing. I have to ask myself, is this serving me? Is this making me happy? Is this what I want to focus on? Well when all of my answers are no, that’s just more reassurance that the gut feeling I’m having of letting something go is the right decision. Sometimes it’s hard to face that fear, but once you do it’s almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I’m finding out more and more that I have to focus on what it is I really want to be doing and invest my time and energy into that. Because all things are possible, but it’s about steering your ship into the right direction. If you want to head North, but your constantly driving South your never going to point North and get to the destination you really want to be at. So I’m trusting my gut feeling and I’m making a change. A better change. For my future and what I want out of it. I hope you all can do that same in whatever it is your second guessing, listen to your intuition it’s trying to tell you something. Once you do, your questions will be answered!

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11 thoughts on “Letting Go”

  1. Jessica Hugo says:

    Really interesting post. I love!


  2. Good for you!! Take care of you and the rest will fall into place. I am still learning that.

    Excellent post!! Well written!!

    Kind Regards – K

    1. Thank you. I still find myself struggling with it, so it’s a good reminder to do yourself the favor and remember to go with your gut and let go of whatever it is holding you back or making you feel a certain way. I hope you have a beautiful day! Happy Autumn!!

      1. To love yourself can be hard at times, but when you allow yourself to its the most amazing feeling. Enjoy this beautiful autumn weekend as well! Thank you for following!

    2. Thank you! Thank you for following as well. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this beautiful first fall weekend!

  3. annj49 says:

    You post has given me pause for thought. I do pursue things I want to do but I also spend a lot of time doing whatever comes up or whatever people want of me. As I age (67 now, almost 68) I feel like there are things left to do but where is the time and energy to do them? I really need to begin to treasure the time I have….

  4. annj49 says:

    Reblogged this on Ann's Corner and commented:
    I really like this. It isn’t just about work, it’s about life choices. The article gave me pause for thought about my choices. I do make some good ones but sometimes I just let life happen, or I go along with what someone else wants. At my age, I probably need to restructure what time i have left to get done the things I most want to do, before I run out of time.

    A bucket list? Maybeeeee…….


    1. This is so beautiful Ann. Thank you for sharing. Once you can embrace and feel that pause is when you yourself hold all the power in the world to make that next choice. Bucket List sounds like a great idea!

      1. annj49 says:

        Yup! 😉

  5. Bernadette says:

    Well said.

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