A Sense of Gratitude

Last night I had the most amazing time with my “new” friends. Its like were this tribe that’s starting to form. I cannot express how much gratitude I have because I have never felt like I really “fit in.” Everyone that’s in this forming circle is now making me feel like I do. Every single person is genuine and pure. I can’t get over how good it feels to have people like this in my life. I grin from ear to ear in pure happiness. I love them all, all in a different way. And for once I KNOW any of them would be there for me in a heart beat. Even though I have only known some for a small amount of time, that connection is there. These are people truely care about others and would do anything to help anyone. They are all so smart , kind and caring in their own way. They all have something to give to everyone as well as receive from everyone. It’s a beautiful little tribe we have forming. My sense of gratitude is growing more and more. It feels so good to be loved!

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