Bread Crumbs of Clarity

I was told to watch out for little bread crumbs left behind and to follow where they lead me to. Yesterday I had one left for me. A small bit of clarity came across as to what I really want to do in life that’s going to bring me joy and help others at the same time. I have been a hairstylist for over 7years and it’s very exhausting. I should really have a degree in psychiatry because people tell you EVERYTHING. I’m very intuitive and feel emotions, so when a client is telling me whatever it is they are talking about, I literally can feel the energy move through me. I think that’s why over the past few years my passion for doing hair has faded, people take so much out of you, without even knowing it. However over the 7 years of touching thousands of heads and listening to thousands stories, I was reminded of what truly gave me joy through all those years. It’s helping someone through their personal journey in transforming themselves. When you decide to make a life change, it’s scary. Sometime you feel like you want to run and hide in a hole, but when your actually ready a big part of that change is your physical body and the way the world see’s you physically. I have transformed so many people over the years and I had the pleasure of doing so to a great friend of mine yesterday. It reminded me that this is what I need to be doing to give back. By being able to still do hair, my focus has now turned to doing the hair of those who are working through their own mind, body, soul and spiriual journey. When they are ready for one of the biggest changes to happen, they will come to me to release all the dead weight/energy from their body. Freeing them of their past and allowing the new future and positive energy flow through each and every chakra. I will be recording and taking pictures of each individual who goes through their process with me. Seeing a side by side picture of the faces before and after is mind blowing. The glow of each individual is intoxicating. The INSTANT confidence and self-worth people carry immediately is amazing. Thank goodness for this little bread crumb of clarity that was left for me. My friend brought me the biggest gift she could at this point in my life, without even knowing it! Life is beautiful and the universe works in mysterious ways when you trust!! Keep your eyes and heart open and allow the bread crumbs that are left for you to grab, lead you in the direction of the path thats supposed to be for you!

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2 thoughts on “Bread Crumbs of Clarity”

  1. Best of luck on your path!

    1. thank you I appreciate that greatly!

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