My name is Annalise Pilar Schmutz.  I grew up in Boulder, CO and I now have 2 beautiful children.  Through the years I have had many ups and downs. Emotionally, I became a wreck.  I had lost myself and my life due to an obsession with what my next meal and workout would be.  I felt isolated, lonely, depressed and had anxiety centered on strict dieting and exercise.  My family and friends stopped inviting me to gatherings and I became a hermit.  My family begun to make comments about my need to put on weight, but it resulted in me feeling helpless. I couldn’t control the binging and the only way I could control my food obsession was to stay inside and ensure I had my meals and workouts planned out.  I started to hate myself for the way I looked rather than feeling good about all my discipline and hard work.  I knew something had to change.  It had been 3 years of a vicious cycle that never let up and had in fact begun to get worse.  Eventually bringing me to tremendous hormonal imbalances, infertility, fatty liver and gallbladder issues.  After countless doctor’s appointment, MRI’s and blood tests, I realized more than ever that I had to be the one to do my own research and try to heal myself.  I was tired of hearing “I’m sorry I don’t have an explanation for this,” or the ”the only way to treat you is to treat your symptoms with drugs.”  I knew there had to be another way.  So, with my own persistence and knowledge I have cured myself of many of the problems I was having and by doing that I had to find that balance within my own life.     

The information I found was amazing and a huge eye opener for me!  In this new knowledge, I discovered my passion for helping others. My goal is to help others realize there is beautiful balance in moderation and that nothing in life needs to be obsessive. I feel passionate about helping women and men who struggle with these issues rediscover their true self and stand strong in their true divine power.  Often, we get to a point where we’ve spent so much time and energy depriving ourselves that we forget how to feel sexy and enjoy all the lovely things that life has to offer.

From a strong understanding that there is a balance between health and obsessiveness, we can become more present for ourselves and for our families.  It’s more than alright to miss a workout and enjoy the satisfying foods that we love, life is meant to be enjoyed!  True health and wellness is all about moderation and my goal is to help you find your specific balance, for you as an individual.  I’m excited to coach others and share the dynamic benefits of living a primal lifestyle.  We all deserve to feel like our best, most powerful selves and through tools I’ve gained over the years for myself, I am happy to share with you so we can all achieve this!