What’s Your Darma?

Finding out what your Darma is can be quiet an eye opener. I found out my Darma this week and

Inside Out

This week I have noticed my inner child wanting to come out a lot more. As part of my homework

Inner Child

Last night as I was in “the artist way class” I’m talking with Nicole Oman, I was smacked in the

Bread Crumbs of Clarity

I was told to watch out for little bread crumbs left behind and to follow where they lead me to.

A Sense of Gratitude

Last night I had the most amazing time with my “new” friends. Its like were this tribe that’s starting to

Letting Go

Trusting your gut feeling. Letting go. This is the second time I have had to trust my gut feeling with

Witnessing your child grieve.

I got my daughter back from her dad and I was informed that she has accidentally killed her guinea pig,

Emotional Struggles of a Single Mother

As I embarked on a wonderful weekend in Utah, which is the beginning of my new found journey, I came

Set Intentions for the Day

I set my intentions for today to love. Give love and receive love. This morning as I was finishing my