Nutrition Strategies

Food is medicine. I can provide complete meal preparation services, cooking and shopping consultation to make sure your body has the nutrition it needs to attain the health you desire.

If the idea of cooking fresh healthy meals for yourself and making meal plans for healthy living overwhelms you I’ll be there with you, my clients tell me that Sunday meal planning and preparation has become something they look forward to every week.


  • Healthy decision start at the grocery store, let’s go shopping for the fresh whole foods your body needs.
  • Out with old, in with the new, let’s purge that pantry of unhealthy choices and get a fresh start.
  • Let’s get messy in the kitchen, I will teach you recipes that will be easy to prepare, taste great and will make you feel great.
  • Knowing what is healthier these days with competing mass media working overtime to spread unhealthy ideas about what food is healthy.